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About Sabrina Ryan

Sabrina came from a small village in Armagh called Killean, she attended Killean Primary school.

She later went to St Pauls High School in Bessbrook. Growing up Sabrina always loved fashion and Art’s, this then led to her studying Art + Design in Belfast, another thing Sabrina loved was travelling.

After she had graduated with her degree in Fashion & Art’s, she moved to London where she worked as an assistant fashion buyer in Marks & Spencer’s. After 3 years in London, Sabrina then moved to bigger and better things in New York where she lived for over a year. She enjoyed the Social Scene and the buzz of the big apple, making some absolutely amazing friends along the way.

After Sabrina returned to Ireland from New York, she took a job as a Fashion Buyer for Dunnes Stores in their Head Office in Dublin, where she specialised in Children’s Clothing, an industry that she loved. Dublin is also the place where Sabrina first met her true love Paul.

At the Young age of 27, Sabrina started complaining of right sided shoulder tip pain and persistent chest infections over a period of 4 months.

We, the family, had put it down to Sabrina carrying the heavy designer handbag’s she had brought back from New York (Typical Sabrina) or playing Tag Rugby. It was only after Christmas of that year that Sabrina had begun to progressively feel worse that she decided to go to the hospital where her twin sister worked in order to get a chest X-Ray. Following a week of investigations and tests we were given the news that every person and family never wants to hear. Sabrina had a rare form of lung cancer that is most common in young non-smoking females.

From the moment we heard those words we were obviously in shock, but also in the back of our minds we knew that not only us but also Sabrina had to put the boxing gloves on and keep positive and that’s what Sabrina done, she was absolutely determined that Cancer would not take over her life and she was going to live life to the full no matter what was in her way.


Sabrina (right) Pictured with Twin Sister Donna (left)

Sabrina and Paul

Soon after Sabrina had got the news, her and Paul got engaged in Portugal and so the focus was on having her fairytale wedding day which she had always wanted.

In the months leading up to her wedding day Sabrina was accepted onto a drug trial which she had really positive results, from a health perspective everything was looking a lot better. However, just weeks before her wedding day Sabrina was given the heart-breaking news that the Cancer had spread to her brain. In typical Sabrina style and despite hearing this news Sabrina continued to keep positive and did not let any of this ruin the build up to her big day.

On August 13th 2011 on a beautiful summer’s day Sabrina got married to her soul mate Paul, we will never forget Sabrina telling us throughout the day how happy she was. After that magical day Sabrina then focused on setting up a blog which followed her Cancer Journey, she decided to call the blog ‘So She Knows’.

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